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Civil Engineer Greece

Consulting, Property valuation, Inspection - forensic

We maintain a team of local property management professionals with specialized knowledge to provide consulting management, property valuation services for all matters related to property administration along with inspection and forensic evaluation. This integrated property development consultancy follows the building program of our individual clients accordingly stage by stage.


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It is often advantageous to put a team of consulting project experts, especially if the project is going to be “fast-tracked” or if the client is unable to participate at the project. since every project consists of sustainability practices, operational costs and tight time schedules.


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Property Valuation:

or land valuation is the process of valuing our clients property. The value usually sought is the property's local market value. Is essential for every prospect seller or buyer to know the real property value according to the local market evaluation.




Our working definition of Forensic Engineering is comprehensive and in simple terms covers those engineering inspections or reports that will help or may be relied in the future phases. Our services fall into 3 major areas:


a) Property evaluation (land and/or building),

b) Property damage resulting from design or construction

c) Assessment of property dilapidation.